community outreach

Reverberation Project- Teats Hill

This April, we delivered a 3-day community arts project with the Teats Hill Community. Commissioned by Take a Part.


We worked closely with the residents of Teats Hill to create a short performance about the area, that we performed at the Amphitheatre to friends, family and other residents. 

Dance Sessions with Schools

This term one of our early career artists Vicki , has been delivering weekly dance sessions at Coombe Dean School.


In the sessions they have been learning about dance technique, posture, travelling and the students have had the opportunity to learn and create their own choreography. The students in the session have been currently working on creating partner duets that include counterbalances, and are about to explore creating short solos. Whilst they are getting the opportunity to try something new and work together with their peers, they are beginning to transfer skills they are learning into their everyday routines and encounters.


Here are some comments from the students about the skills they have learned by taking part in these classes:


"My memory has improved.”              “I know how to stretch properly.”          “It's fun!”

    “I am more confident with movement.”            “Teamwork. We get to work with different people.”

If you would be interested in working on a community-based project then please get in contact:

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