Honest Conversations

In these films artists discuss what they value the most, what they hold close to their hearts, what that want to hold onto and preserve where ever they are in the world, where they feel at home the most, where they feel like they belong and what it is really like living in Plymouth. 

A Good Neighbour.

The films were from a project developed in response to the ‘A Good Neighbour’ billboards for Atlantic Project exhibited in 2017. In spring 2018 working with the Horizon Project Beyond Face developed original scripts and performance and Fotonow captured these as short film pieces. Additionally members of Fotonow’s refugee photography group made responses in image and film. 

Taking up Space

As part of Plymouth Art Weekender 2018, we made this film of dancers taking up space in locations around Plymouth that you wouldn't normally associate us in. The were shown on the Big Screen, Theatre Royal and Barbican Theatre. As well as a photography exhibition in Rumpus Cosy.