Black Lives Matter Statement

Our statement of support.

Over the past weeks we have seen an outpouring of pain and heartache in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Racism is not just a US problem, Black people in the UK are also suffering in the hands of injustices. Those who tell us we are going back in time, we say to you, tell us a time when this wasn't happening that you can remember.

We here at Beyond Face will continue to be a platform and a space for Black artists and other artists of colour. We will do all we can to be of support to our artists, young people, associate artists and the Black community in Plymouth & the South West. We stand in solidarity with you all over the world.

We will aim to do our best to share materials to support people and those who want to help and learn more to be an ally. However, at the moment the energy and emotional labour it takes means that we may not be as quick to respond.

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