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Over the past two years our focus was predominately on Artist Development and performance commissions, including young practitioners. It had been a while since we had the opportunity to create our own production, the last one being our film Elephant in the room in 2019. However, in 2022 and 2023 we are focusing on (and extremely excited about) producing our own work - as we are artists too!

The first production we are working on is titled 'All One Way', a 20 minute performance that will be featured in all of our upcoming scratch nights. It is also bookable for schools alongside a workshop offer. Here we continue to explore the meaning of the word quality, which is precondition seven in our Theory of Change. We want to ask questions such as "does a production being 'full-length' make it better 'quality', when in reality shorter productions are often more accessible?”

Continuing with the theme of quality, we are being supported by Genesis Foundation to create a production with South-West and London based artists. Here we will challenge misconceptions around the capital city being the home place or only place that 'quality' art and performance is born from and thrives in. Through the conversations and collaboration when making this play, we hope to break down the us and them to create a wider sense of community.

Whilst we have several exciting projects that we are working on including and beyond the two mentioned, there are natural hesitations that we want to be transparent about. One is that the climate of the industry has shifted over the past two years, and although we are steadily moving forward as an industry there are still many programmes that are behind. Another hesitation is that our ability to create productions is underestimated due to the common misinterpretation that we are exclusively a youth company. Artist development, young people and productions are our offerings, and over the past two years we have focused on those first two. However, we are creators in our own right, with stories to share, questions to explore and productions to bring to life, so despite hesitations we will be eagerly moving forward with our own creations. On that note, you are welcome to attend our Evening of Early-Stage Live Performance to see our first production in action!

If you can’t make it, then we can reassure you that there's plenty more to come from us!

- The Beyond Face Team


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